Dr. Michael J. Lewandowski is a licensed clinical health psychologist and is president of Pain Assessment Resources. He has extensive training and experience in the application of psychological principles to problems in medicine. Since completing his Ph.D. in 1990, he has worked exclusively with individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions during his internship at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Reno Nevada. Of the two accredited pain programs in northern Nevada, he helped develop and direct both. He was deemed an expert in chronic pain by the Nevada District Court and has testified in cases in which the validity of chronic pain was questioned. In addition to his clinical, administrative and legal experience working with chronic pain sufferers, Dr. Lewandowski has conducted, presented, and published original scientific research in the area of chronic pain and has presented at national pain conferences throughout the world.

He was principle developer of the Behavioral Assessment of Pain Medical Stability Quick Screen (BAP-MSQS) and co-developer of the Behavioral Assessment of Pain questionnaire (BAP) which are both utilized in pain management programs around the world. He is also president of Integrated Healthcare Resources, an interdisciplinary healthcare organization that provides comprehensive pain management, work hardening and functional restoration programs for injured workers and persons with chronic pain conditions.

Dr. Lewandowski is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Psychological Examiners for the State of Nevada, is a Diplomat in the American Academy of Pain Management, an Adjunct Faculty member of the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada-Reno, a member of the American Pain Society, is on the Faculty of the University of Integrated Studies in Sonora, California, and is a member of the American Psychological Association. He is licensed as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor-State of Nevada, Marriage and Family Therapist, is certified as a Rehabilitation Counselor and Biofeedback Therapist.

Dr. Lewandowski is currently working on a pain management book for persons suffering from debilitation pain conditions.

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