What is PostBAP?  

PostBAP is a database that integrates admission, and discharge information and provides the practitioner with a report comparing the two evaluation periods for individual patient and group analyses. The admission and discharge data are based on the Behavioral Assessment of Pain Questionnaire (BAP) and Post-Behavioral Assessment of Pain Questionnaire (P-BAP).

  Who uses PostBAP?  

PostBAP was developed for Functional Restoration/Work Hardening and Pain Management Programs interested in evaluating the effectiveness of their  programs.   This is especially important  for meeting the requirements of AAPM, CARF or other accrediting agencies.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your Functional Restoration/Work Hardening and/or Pain Management Programs.
  • Measure patient variables: demographic data, pain data, health care utilization, occupational/legal data, stimulant and depressant usage, mood, physical activity levels both before pain and currently.

  •  Measure treatment outcome data:  activity levels, beliefs and attitudes about pain, mood, negative perceived consequences of pain, stimulant and depressant usage, and patient ratings of improvement.

  •  Customize your data collection and analysis specific to your program needs.

  •  Generates individual and program evaluation reports with easily understandable visual graphs.

  •  Computerized data entry for minimal administrative time and increased productivity.

  •  Select specific individuals or time periods for program reports.

Getting started with PostBAP is EASY. Call Pain Assessment Resources at 800-782-1501 for more information!
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