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The War on Pain
The War on Pain : How Breakthroughs in the New Field of Pain Medicine Are Turning the Tide Against Suffering
by Scott Md Fishman, Lisa Berger
Editorial Reviews:
  Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words
"The management of pain has entered a new era, as Dr. Scott Fishman's book shows. The War on Pain could be a breakthrough for anyone who suffers. Bridging body and mind, this book exemplifies the best of integrative medicine."
  Jerome E. Groopman, M.D., author of The Measure of Our Days
"A lucid and accessible explanation of pain in all of its dimensions, told through case histories with a very human face. With an understanding of pain's effects on body and mind, Dr. Fishman offers important physical and psychic strategies to loosen the grip of chronic suffering."
Pain Management Books for Patients
The War on Pain : How Breakthroughs in the New Field of Pain Medicine Are Turning the Tide Against Suffering
by Scott Md Fishman, Lisa Berger
Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain
by David W. Swanson (Editor), et al
Chronic Pain : Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management
by Michael S., Md., Phd. Margoles (Editor), Richard, Phd. Weiner (Editor)
Sunnyvale: The Rise and Fall of a Silicon Valley Family
by Jeff Goodell
Why We Hurt : The Natural History of Pain
by Frank T. Vertosick Jr., Frank T., Jr. Vertosick
Back Pain
Healing Back Pain : The Mind-Body Connection
by John E. Sarno
Treat Your Own Back
by Robin A. McKenzie
Mind over Back Pain : A Radically New Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Back Pain
by John Sarno
Healing Back Pain Naturally : The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work
by Art, M.D. Brownstein, et al
Back Care Basics : A Doctor's Gentle Yoga Program for Back and Neck Pain Relief
by Mary Pullig Schatz, et al
The Sciatica Relief Handbook
by Chet Cunningham, Mary Ann Castor
Backache : What Exercises Work
by Dava Sobel, et al
Treat Your Back Without Surgery : The Best Non-Surgical Alternatives to Eliminating Back and Neck Pain
by Stephen Hochschuler, et al
Back Pain Relief - The Ultimate Guide : A Comprehensive Back Pain Management Program
by Robert H. Miller, et al
Chronic Pain
Pain Free : A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain
by Pete Egoscue, Roger Gittines (Contributor) (Paperback - April 2000)
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome : A Survival Manual
by Devin J. Starlanyl, Mary Ellen Copeland (Contributor) (Paperback - June 1996)
Pain Free : A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain
by Pete Egoscue, Roger Gittines (Contributor) (Hardcover - April 1998)
60 Second Chronic Pain Relief : The Quickest Way to Soften the Throb, Cool the Burn, Ease the Ache (60 Second Series , No 3)
by Peter G. Lehndorff, Brian Tarcy (Contributor). Paperback (December 1996)
The Aspirin Alternative: The Natural Way to Overcome Chronic Pain, Reduce Inflammation and Enhance the Healing Response
by Michael Loes, David Steinman. Paperback (August 1, 1999)
Chronic Muscle Pain Syndrome
by Paul Davidson. Mass Market Paperback (April 1994)
Chronic Pain (Natural Way of Healing)
by Theresa Foy DiGeronimo (Contributor). Mass Market Paperback (April 1995)
Chronic Pain : Taking Command of Our Healing! : Understanding the Emotional Trauma Underlying Chronic Pain
by Wm. R. B. Anderson, et al. Paperback (March 1995)
Chronic Pain Control Workbook
by Cataleno, et al. Hardcover (May 1997)
The Chronic Pain Control Workbook : A Step-By-Step Guide for Coping With and Overcoming Pain
by Ellen Mohr Catalano, et al. Paperback (August 1996)
Chronic Pain/Cassette (Sound Techniques for Healing)
by Robert Friedman, Kelly Howell. Audio Cassette (September 1993)
Comprehensive Chronic Pain Evaluation : A User's Manual
by Karen S. Rucker. Paperback (July 2000)
Conquering Pain
by Randall S. Prust, Susan Luzader. Mass Market Paperback (December 1997)
Coping With Chronic Pain : A Guide to Patient Self-Management
by Richard W. Hanson, et al. Hardcover (December 1989)
The Essential Arthritis Cookbook : Kitchen Basics for People With Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain and Fatigue
by Sarah L. Morgan (Editor), et al. Hardcover (November 1995)
Family Manual, A manual for families of persons with pain
by Penney Cowan. Spiral-bound (September 1, 1998)
Fibromyalgia : A Comprehensive Approach : What You Can Do About Chronic Pain and Fatigue
by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson, et al. Paperback (July 1996)
The Fibromyalgia Help Book : Practical Guide to Living Better With Fibromyalgia
by Jenny Fransen, I. Jon Russell. Paperback (March 1997)
How I Recovered From Chronic Back & Neck Pain: an Odyssey of Pain and Learning
Paperback (January 1997)
Learning to Master Your Chronic Pain
by Robert N. Jamison. Hardcover (September 1997)
Living Creatively With Chronic Illness : Developing Skills for Transcending the Loss, Pain, and Frustration
by Eugenie G. Wheeler. Paperback (June 1989)
Lost Voices : Women, Chronic Pain, and Abuse
by Nellie A. Radomsky. Paperback (August 1995)
Making Friends with Pain: Learning to Live Well with Chronic Illness
by Elizabeth Flora. Paperback (June 1999)
Mastering Pain : A Twelve-Step Program for Coping With Chronic Pain
by Richard A. Sternbach. Mass Market Paperback (March 1995)
Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain
by David W. Swanson(Editor), et al. Paperback (December 15, 1999)
Older Women With Chronic Pain
by Karen A. Roberto(Editor). Paperback (December 1994)
The Pain Cure : The Proven Medical Program That Helps End Your Chronic Pain
by Dharma Singh, Md. Khalsa, Cameron Stauth (Contributor). Paperback (May 2000)
Pain Free : A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain
by Pete Egoscue, Roger Gittines (Contributor). Hardcover (April 1998)
The Pain Relief Handbook : Self-Help Methods for Managing Pain
by Chris Wells, et al. Paperback (September 1998)
Pain Relief! : How to Say 'No' to Acute, Chronic, and Cancer Pain
by Jane, Ph.D. Cowles. Hardcover (September 1993)
Pathways Through Pain : Women's Journeys
by Ann Callender. Paperback (March 1999)
Relief from Chronic Arthritis Pain
by Helene MacLean, Richard Wagman (Contributor). Mass Market Paperback (June 1, 1990)
The Sciatica Relief Handbook
by Chet Cunningham, Mary Ann Castor. Paperback (April 1998)
Simple Techniques for Pain Relief (Time-Life Health Factfiles)
by Chris McLaughlin, et al. Paperback (September 1999)
Transforming Your Chronic Pain
by Jeff Kane. Audio Cassette (September 1992)
Validate Your Pain! Exposing the Chronic Pain Cover-Up
by Allan F. Chino, et al. Paperback (March 1, 2000)
Above and Beyond; 365 Meditations for Transcending Chronic Pain and Illness
by J. S. Dorian, P. S. Dorian. Paperback (June 1996)
Cfids, Fibromyalgia, and the Virus-Allergy Link : Hidden Viruses, Allergies, and Uncommon Fatigue/Pain Disorders
by R. Bruce Duncan. Hardcover (August 2000)
Chronic Back Pain : Moving on
by Julie Zimmerman. Paperback (May 1991)
Freedom from Pain : The Breakthrough Method of Pain Relief Based on the New York Pain Treatment Program at Lenox Hill Hospital
by Norman J. Marcus, Jean S. Arbeiter (Contributor). Paperback (April 1995)
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