Behavioral Assessment of Pain Medical Stability Quick Screen (BAP-MSQS)
  The BAP-MSQS is ideal as a screening device to identify patients who are struggling with their pain and will likely need more comprehensive pain/functional restoration treatment.
  • The Behavioral Assessment of Pain-Medical Stability Quick Screen can help the pain management practitioner quickly and easily collect important information about factors that may be maintaining or perpetuating sub acute and chronic pain.

  • The Behavioral Assessment of Pain-Medical Stability Quick Screen can rapidly assess a broad range of behavioral problems typically found in a sub-acute and chronic pain population.

  • It is easy and cost-efficient!

  • The BAP-MSQS consists of 27 items, which cover major pain areas typically included in comprehensive pain assessment.

  • The BAP-MSQS identifies those sub acute and chronic pain patients who may be free from behavioral problems without requiring a costly, lengthy more comprehensive evaluation.

  • The BAP-MSQS targets specific areas for behavioral/psychological follow-up.

  • The BAP-MSQS takes less than five minutes to complete by patient.

  • The BAP-MSQS is designed for adult's age 18 and older.

  • The BAP-MSQS measures medical treatment beliefs including patient perceived need for narcotics, additional diagnostic testing, surgery; perceived medical stability and ability to return to work, pain intensity, mood disturbance, fears of reinjury, catastrophic thinking about pain, entitlement issues, pain acceptance, activity interference, and sleep disturbance.

  • The BAP-MSQS generates a report with Plotted Profile identifying patient assets and areas of treatment concern.

Administer the BAP-MSQS to your patient's using the BAP-MSQS Test Booklet
On-screen patient administration or you hand enter patient responses later.
The 8-page BAP-MSQS Clinical Report is generated and printed on site.


Computer generated Clinical Report (1 - 24 uses @ $7.50 per report)
Computer generated Clinical Report (25 - 50 uses @ $6.00 per report)
Computer generated Clinical Report (51+ uses @ $5.00 per report)

Administer the BAP-MSQS to your patient's using the BAP-MSQS booklet.
Mail or Fax the BAP-MSQS Test Booklet to Pain Assessment Resources.
The BAP-MSQS will be scored, an 8-page BAP-MSQS Clinical Report will be faxed, and/or e-mailed/mailed to you (within 24-hours of receipt or the next
business day).

Mail-in BAP-MSQS Premium Full-service Reports
Premium Full-service Report (1 - 24 @ $8.50 per report)
Premium Full-service Report (25+ @ $7.50 per report)

*Prices include scoring, an interpretive 8-page report, and return postage.
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